Hi! My name is Ekemini Ekpo (she/her) and I am a first-gen, Nigerian-American theatre artist from Austin, Texas. On some days, I'm a singer who acts; on other days, I'm an actor who sings. What excites me most about theatre is the opportunity to imagine better worlds with others who love art-making as much as I do.

As a performer, I have worked with The 24 Hour Plays, Commonwealth Shakespeare Company, and Apollinaire Theatre Company, among others. Favorite educational credits include Juliet (Romeo and Juliet), Lilli Vanessi (Kiss Me, Kate), and Lady Sangazure (The Sorcerer). I am a recent alumna of Harvard College, where I graduated with a A.B. in Sociology, a minor in statistics, and performance training from various affiliates of the American Repertory Theater. 

In addition to my performance endeavors, I occasionally write a lil sumn sumn from time to time. I am also a member of the most recent BIPOC Critics Lab, for promising new voices in theatre and cultural criticism.